• Scan Your AWS Cloud

    Find Unused Resources & RI's
    Save Money, Reduce Your Bill

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AutoScan EC2 RDS Redshift ASG's Dynamo DB Elasticache

Identify unused servers costing you money
Optimise your Reserved Instance costs


Connect your Cloud account(s) and schedule automatic scans to find unused and forgotten instances.

Fully Customizible

Choose which cloud resources to scan. Group accounts in to scan profiles for easy management.

Interactive Reference

Explore your cloud infrastructure using drill downs, instantly see all other linked resources.

Export Your Data

Export to CSV or PDF for use in internal reports or for ISO audits

You're In Control

You have full control over access, define the permissions you want. Only scan what you choose.

Find Information Fast!

Use full text search to search by tag, resource type or any other attribute or identifier.

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Be Informed, View RI Inventory

See a full inventory of your AWS Reserved Instances. Track unused or mismatched instance types.

Save Time With Our RI Planner

Track usage of your Reserved Instances and instantly see when you are under or over RI capacity.

Save Money With The RI Planner

View a personalised RI purchase plan based on historical usage. Detect misimathed instance family Reserved Instances and see recommendations for cost savings.

Reporting & Documentation

Be prepared, report & export disaster recovery documents.

Your infrastructure information is archived for up to 3 years allowing you to trace issues back through time.
Export your data for inclusion in your own Audit documentation.
Set filters and search terms, save them as pre-defined reports and reusable searches.

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